07 Dec 2020
How to choose between two jobs

Every job seeker would love to have the following dilemma: You have found two perfect jobs and for both jobs you got a job offer. Now what should you do? Choosing between two great jobs is not as easy as it may look like.  Make sure you make a decision based on full information The […]

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03 Dec 2020
Partnership announcement

OrangeCoach is delighted to announce its technology partnership with the USPTA, which will see OrangeCoach deliver the world’s first dedicated, fully automated job platform for tennis coaches in the USA. OrangeCoach founder and world renowned tour coach Sven Groeneveld says: “We are very proud of how OrangeCoach has developed over the past 10 years and […]

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23 Nov 2020
How to improve your decision-making skills in 7 steps

As an employer in the tennis industry it can be difficult to find the right applicant. You probably had to deal with several candidates for the same vacancy. In these moments it is very hard to select the right candidate, they all seem equally good! Choice stress is increasing, and you no longer know how […]

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09 Nov 2020
How to avoid application letter mistakes

There is a lot of competition in the labor market, especially when it comes to a popular vacancy. As an applicant you want to present yourself as well as possible. An application letter is a first introduction to your potential new employer. Applicants often underestimate the power of a cover letter. If you send a […]

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26 Oct 2020
The most underrated interview questions

Why you should ask them, and what the answers will tell you  Before you start an interview with someone, it is powerful to know which questions are the most important and most valuable to ask a candidate. Questions such as “Could you tell something more about yourself” and “Where do you see yourself in the […]

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06 Aug 2020

WTA PHYSICALLY SPEAKING Choosing a balanced diet is important for everyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When you are a tennis player competing at the highest level, your nutrition is even more critical for optimal health, growth, performance, and recovery. The physical demands upon your body are high; use the guidance below to ensure you […]

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27 Feb 2020

WTA PHYSICALLY SPEAKING IS TENNIS GOOD FOR HEALTH? It is well known that sport keeps us fit and healthy, but what is less understood is how many health benefits are gained through playing tennis. Researchers investigate these questions, which provides both professional and recreational tennis players with an understanding of what happens to their mind […]

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30 Jan 2020

WTA PHYSICALLY SPEAKING Women use contraception for many reasons. Many options are available, which provides the best selection for each woman. Be informed about the different types and reasons to use contraception and have regular check-ups with your primary care physician (PCP) or gynecologist (ObGyn) to safeguard your health, periods (menses), relationships, and tennis performance. […]

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16 Jan 2020

WTA PHYSICALLY SPEAKING Cultural Connection Hello, Hola, Ni Hao, Ciao, Privet, Hallo, Konnichiwa, Aloha, Guten Tag, Bonjour, Al Salaam Aliykum….. Being in an unknown environment can sometimes be scary. As a tennis player, you may find yourself in a new city or foreign country with an unknown language, and a culture to which you’re unaccustomed. […]

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18 Oct 2019

WTA PHYSICALLY SPEAKING THE MIRACLE OF MOVEMENT – EXERCISE AS PART OF REHAB Exercise as part of rehab. Injuries are never part of the plan. No one enjoys the pain and inability to compete at your best and no one wants injuries to happen again. Regardless of the severity, an injury will always result in damage […]

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