03 Sep 2019
Give your Job Advert the attention it needs!

For a number of reasons, it isn’t always easy to find the best candidates for your job advert. Try to answer the following questions: Does your advert have an attractive title? Is there a clear description of what you expect from the coach? Have you stated the qualification and experience you require the coach to […]

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25 Jul 2019

WTA PHYSICALLY SPEAKING STRATEGY #1: “GET REAL!” WE CAN ONLY CHANGE WHAT WE FIRST ACCEPT The key to improving any short coming or limitation is to first understand and accept our own limitations. Increasing self-awareness takes courage and patience, as it is not always easy to look at one’s own short comings or admit there are […]

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20 Jun 2019

WTA PHYSICALLY SPEAKING The core is the building block of stability and serves as the foundation for any movement. Core stability is defined as the ability to control the position and motion of the trunk over the pelvis to allow optimum production, transfer and control of force to the extremities. Specific to tennis, 54% of […]

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23 May 2019
The Female Athlete Triad

WTA PHYSICALLY SPEAKING ONE, TWO, THREE = TRIAD TROUBLE The Female Athlete Triad is a group of three interrelated medical conditions often observed in physically active girls and women. The medical conditions include: 1) decreased energy availability with or without disordered eating, 2) menstrual dysfunction, and 3) low bone mineral density. Up to 60% of […]

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16 Apr 2019

WTA Physically Speaking It’s a situation no athlete ever wants to experience: injured and unable to play. No one wants to be injured, but when your career must be put on hold due to injury, rehabilitation takes on a new dimension of importance. Often athletes will feel significant pressure to recover and return to competition […]

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23 Jan 2019
Tips for applications

Tips for applying for a tennis job through internet and email Nowadays, a lot of applications for tennis jobs are going through internet and e-mail, as we do at OrangeCoach. It’s easy and fast, however, therefore, disarray is on the corner. Applications through internet have the same standards as the traditional application through ‘real’ mail. […]

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23 Jan 2019
The importance of a trial

The prospect of a new tennis job is always a very exciting time. The uncertainty of what to expect, a complete change of your life, living in a different country, getting away from friends and family, adapting to a new culture. Relocating for a new tennis job is a high impact decision but becomes a lot easier when you […]

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23 Jan 2019
Resume Mistakes

Writing a resume is more difficult than you think. It doesn’t give a good impression to make mistakes in your resume, but it’s easily done. If it is your first resume or your 10th – always be critical and check by other people. We give you the most common mistakes. And most important of all, […]

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23 Jan 2019
Questions during a job interview

What to ask during the interview? This article is about asking questions during a job interview. It gives you excellent examples for do’s and don’ts. It is good to ask questions about the opinion of the interviewer, about what their expectations of you are etc. Interviewers close a job interview mostly with the line; so, […]

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23 Jan 2019
10 questions to build a vision

Do you find it difficult to see where you’ll be in the coming years? Build a vision for the life you desire by asking yourself these 10 questions. Sometimes it’s difficult to say what you want, but you probably know what you don’t want. That will also help you to build a vision. What do […]

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