OrangeCoach has been the world’s largest tennis coach recruitment portal for 10 years and now we are introducing a dedicated jobs platform for the world’s fastest growing sport; padel.

Padel is a sport that was founded in Mexico in 1969 and by 1974, padel had found its way to Marbella in Spain, where it has become the country’s second most popular sport.

With almost 10 million people playing padel world wide and new countries adopting the sport, it has become clear to us that there is a need to help the emerging nations (Netherlands, Sweden, UK….) to recruit coaches to help them to coach the rapidly growing number of people now playing the sport globally.

In many European nations, we are seeing that padel’s initial growth is through tennis clubs and tennis networks and as such, we are finding that many tennis coaches are training to become entry level padel coaches which enables them to capitalise on the growth of the sport and develop many more coaching hours on the padel courts alongside their tennis coaching business. Where padel is becoming more established we are seeing independent (indoor) padel operators running commercial padel centres which presents a great opportunity for coaches to join and thrive.

As we do for tennis, we are now focussing on helping padel clubs find the right coaches to help them grow and support the sport.

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