How to choose between two jobs

Every job seeker would love to have the following dilemma: You have found two perfect jobs and for both jobs you got a job offer. Now what should you do? Choosing between two great jobs is not as easy as it may look like. 

Make sure you make a decision based on full information

The best strategy to compare your jobs is by having full information for both jobs. You can’t start the comparison process without the possession of full information for both jobs. You need to know much more than a salary number to compare both offers. As an example, you should ask a hiring manager for a detailed description of the full benefit package. By asking this, many more information will be available which makes it easier to compare the full benefits of both jobs. It’s important to have a comprehensive understanding of what’s on the table. In the end, there is a lot more information about companies than what you would have expected.

Make a side-by-side comparison

The next step in the progress is to make a list of good things and bad things. The best way this can be done is by writing things down, either in Excel or a notebook. This way you can compare the pros and cons at a glance. You can make a list out of different subjects such as: 

  • Benefit Package 
  • Working Hours 
  • Growth Opportunities 
  • Company Values 
  • Company Reputation 
  • Overall Impression

Distinguish between factors

Try to figure out what really matters. Which subjects are important and which subjects are less relevant? What benefits are worth getting excited over? For example, one company might not have great growing opportunities, but they have a generous bonus policy. It’s up to you; money or career options? On the other hand you might choose for a company’s reputation and flexible working hours. Try to create a scoring sheet to quantify the elements of each job offer. Doing so will allow you to really understand the pros and cons of each offer which allows you to make an informed final decision. 

Consider where you could negotiate

Imagine yourself that the first job offer is better than the other offer. What elements would need to change for you in the second offer to sign that option. Will adding extra elements change your thoughts about the offer? Seeing new elements of the competing offer can give you new insights for your negotiation between the two jobs. Will adding more personal days or more flexible hours change your mind on the final decision you make?

Your first impression is important

What did you notice when you contacted the employer? Try to weigh your impressions during the first contact with the employer. Did you feel comfortable or uncomfortable? Did you get all the attention from the employer? Was the employer fully interested in you? Did you feel good about the interview? Your first impression is really important. Do not push aside important factors and impressions like your potential relationship with the employer in favor of a big salary.

Leave the door open

Don’t party too soon once you’ve made your final decision. Take your time to turn down the other job offer in a polite way. In this way you always keep the door open for future conversations. For example, you can thank the employer for their interest and effort. No one can look into the future, you never know when you’ll be on the job search again.

Always keep looking for new challenges

The most important thing in your search for a new job is to know what you want. This goes beyond a big salary and a great benefit package. There is a possibility that things you find important at the moment will change throughout your career. If you are suited in this situation and need any inspiration, you might take a look at our job listing. Dozens of tennis jobs all around the world are published on this page. Take a look and get inspired for new challenges in your further career.

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