OrangeCoach Whitelabel is a dedicated job search and job matching platform integrated into your own website.

What we know:

It is crucial to get the right coaches working in the right venues with the right tennis customers for the successful growth of your sport. Many clubs and coaches don’t know where to look when recruiting a new coach or seeking a new opportunity. Most coaches have a defined coaching level and geographical location within which they wish to work.

Federations invest a lot of man-hours in fielding inquiries from clubs and coaches about vacancies and opportunities and not always having a satisfactory response or solution. Federations prefer to have a bespoke integrated web function to assist with solving these challenges.

What we provide:

We provide a service which helps you

  • To provide your clubs/venues with a free platform to easily find the tennis professionals they are looking for.
  • Help your coaches to expose their experience and potential to prospective employers.
  • To professionalize the way in which coaches are employed and clubs fill their vacancies.
  • Ensure that a club doesn’t have to be without a quality coach for any longer than necessary.
  • To provide a career pathway and increased opportunities for your coaches.

The power of data

Data is key to understanding your members within your market. By translating this data you receive an overview of important industry insights.

The power of data = Knowledge!

Data collection can be used to follow and create new trends. Adjust and adapt your products/services according the market needs.

Example of data you can get from the platform:

Are you interested in a Whitelabel platform for your association or federation? Please get in touch.

USPTA first whitelabel

OrangeCoach helps USPTA to achieve their goal of improving and professionalizing the way USPTA member coaches are employed across the United States.

Sid Newcomb
Sid Newcomb, USPTA Director of Certification

“We constantly strive to increase our association’s value proposition to our members, working together with OrangeCoach, the USPTA has created a dynamic online career resource exclusively for our members. These readily available assets will help our professionals progress their careers with 24/7 networking and job opportunities.”

KNLTB second whitelabel

Jacco Eltingh
Jacco Eltingh, Technical and Commercial Director KNLTB

"The Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Association (KNLTB) strongly believes that the growth for tennis in the Netherlands is in large part dependent on having high-quality tennis and Padel coaches at our 1.650 clubs and other locations. Therefore, further strengthening the relationship between clubs and coaches is crucial. As the national association, the KNLTB is able to provide tools and services benefitting Clubs, Tennis/Padel academies and coaches. A healthy job market will benefit our entire tennis ecosystem increasing a greater service to our playing members' community. A great example of this is the KNLTB job platform – developed together with OrangeCoach – which provides accessible supply and demand for coaching positions throughout the Netherlands.”

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