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Tips for applying for a tennis job through internet and email

Nowadays, a lot of applications for tennis jobs are going through internet and e-mail, as we do at OrangeCoach. It’s easy and fast, however, therefore, disarray is on the corner. Applications through internet have the same standards as the traditional application through ‘real’ mail. But there are some extra points you should pay attention to.

Sending an application by email

If you are sending your application through email, you should point out in the employers’ overloaded mailbox. That’s why a good subject is really important. You should always send your CV as an attachment and preferably your cover letter as an attachment too. This way you can use the text of the e-mail as an introduction.

Also, pay attention to your email address, don’t use unprofessional addresses like “”. And the email address of your current work may be inappropriate. Preferably you should use an email with your name in it. The email you are sending is a professional email, so you shouldn’t use emoticons and should write correct sentences.

Try to avoid a particular format of your CV and cover letter. The format can reform if it opens with a different computer/system. That’s why you should make it in a commonly used file format, like ‘.doc’

Personal profile on the internet

OrangeCoach is a perfect website to show your resume including a personal touch. The benefit of including a personal profile is that employers directly see what kind of person you are and what interest you have. The danger of the internet is for example Facebook. Nowadays, everyone has access to your social media and therefore your personal life. Be careful what you are saying on the internet, it shouldn’t affect your tennis career in a bad way. An example: you write a post on Facebook about how annoying your students were at the tennis training and you would love to shoot them. If your potential employer sees this, it won’t stimulate him to hire you. You should be aware of the thing which are private and what everyone can see. This way the relevant information for your potential employer is visible and you keep other things private.

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