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TWU Certification Program


The Tennis Wall University Certification Program is designed to take you through, the Tennis Wall University Pro Course. After you have completed the 4 video segments you will be able to schedule your “live” Master Class session with Frits Don and Sven Groeneveld. You will be invited to a 2 hour “live” Master Class webinar where you will be provided with a detailed explanation of the 4 segments in the Pro course. Additionally you will be able to ask questions and tap into the 70 years of professional experience of both Frits and Sven.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive the Tennis Wall University Pro certification.


  • 4 KNLTB Education points + 2 points after completion of Webinar
  • 4 USPTA Education credits + 3 credits after completion of Webinar

Topics & video's for this module


Your Human Potential?

Becoming conscious of the 4-axis IQ,EQ,PHQ and SQ. In this segment Sven en Frits will take you through the journey (full potential) of your human potential. If we ask a top athlete what is most important in delivering a performance, he or she will often mention the mental aspects first. The answer is often disconcerting yet confronting: How much is trained on on knowledge and skills, and how much on mental and emotional aspects? During this segment of the Master Class Frits will take you through this challenging question and you can discover which aspects are not trained at all, which come up under pressure in the rest of ones career. So ‘WHY’ do we do what we do?
Your Human Potential1:58

Introduction to the wall?

Why we use the wall to develop our personal skills, will be explained during this topic of ‘introduction to the wall’. We will explain the ‘WHAT’ the ‘HOW’ the ‘Where’ and the ‘WHY’ we introduce and bring back the wall in daily practice. Through repetition and exercises the personal development of the player is challenged in a full scale of personal challenges. In order to have the tools to Develop his or her full personal human potential.

The Human Sensors?

The reputation of Sven has shown that his ability to coach the worlds best players on the ATP/WTA tour through finding the most effective and efficient way to communicate with his player, is proof of using the human sensors effectively. Thereby making durable results. By using NLP(neuro linguistic programming) he added a great value to his coaching abilities. During the seminar we will show how efficient one can work with ones pupil and make great progress without losing unnecessary time and effort.

Develop your inner coach?

In this segment we will show you that not only are we developing but also strengthening the inner coach. Giving you more feedback on ‘HOW’ to do that during the live session with Sven and Frits we will show you the power of training the inner coach. This is what’s so important to practise on the wall and take with you on to the court. With our program you will be able to help The player to recognise all the aspects, train and rehears until it becomes his or her second nature. By training the brain through tennis wall university program it will make them mentally, emotionally and physically stronger on court.


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