Video CV

An original type of resume

Companies aren’t only paying attention to your experiences or qualities. Companies are paying more attention to the person you are. Nowadays, ‘do you fit in the workforce?’ is an important question. A quite new type of a resume is a video cv. Especially in the coaching world it is important what kind of coach you are, every person is different and with a video you can express yourself in another way than in a letter. But be careful, people either love it or hate it.

There are some downsides to video CVs that you should consider. It takes more effort for the employer to connect for a few minutes watching to a video than it does to go over a paper CV. It is also difficult to get your career and education history across in a short amount of time on video. And besides that you should do it in a way what characterize your personality.

A video CV should be an elevator pitch. That means you should tell in 1 to 3 minutes who you are, what you are and what you can do.


You should develop your VCV like a story, with a beginning, middle and end. In the beginning, you introduce yourself, but leave your contact details (email, address, phone number, social media) at the end of your video. In the middle, you show your education and skills. Don’t just tell it, show it! Go to an environment you like for example. In the end, you show why you should get the job.


As you should do with your paper CV, you should do with your VCV. Double check it and ask for honest and objective feedback from people around you. Label the CD or DVD clearly with your contact information since it’s not listed on paper.

Technical considerations

Make sure your video is clear. You should see the profile of your face, the lightning should be good and your voice should be clear. You can even record your video with your mobile phone if it isn’t a shaky recording. If you don’t want to record with your mobile phone, there is free software online where you can edit your video.

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