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Input gives output. Become the master of your inner coach with Tennis Wall University.

Compared to 100 years ago, people have 80,000 more impressions and 60,000 thoughts every day. This is due to the fact that life has changed from hard labor outside of their homes to hard-working people behind their computers, laptops, iPads, and telephones inside their working environments.

The human brain has adapted to this phenomenon and has changed to cope with these situations. Processes which were naturally learned and developed outside now lay dormant because of the computer age we live in and the different forms of development which occur in our brains. Social, mental and emotional skills are now not properly developed. The potential is still there, but it lies hidden under the ‘iceberg’ in our brains and are not properly working or have not yet been awoken. We need to activate these hidden potentials and develop them at an early stage. The longer we wait in doing so, the bigger the problems will become. Huge obstacles will develop unnecessarily.

The power of mental training.

Our goal with Tennis Wall University (TWU) is to introduce the power of mental training in tennis and provide access to the inner coach. Because of the many obstacles young players develop in the ‘spring’ of their young tennis careers, they build a resistance to mental training. They are afraid of the unknown and may end up thinking there is something wrong with their minds. By using the wall as their gateway to their inner coach, we help them to overcome the fear of mental training.

Tennis Wall University helps coaches and their students to connect on a whole new level where they can develop their skills together. This allows the coach to help their students become the master of their inner coach. Instead of something being forced onto them from the top-down, they realize it is something which comes from within themselves. This strength, this incredible power and this gift that is within all of us and will be released from the inside-out.

The wall is used as a metaphoric mirror to help students draw this mental power out and master their inner coach.

Become a master of your inner coach.

After completing TWU, you will have filled up your backpack with knowledge and personal skills, allowing you to have permanent access to your abilities and to withstand the mental side of sports and real life. Suddenly, they will embrace this journey and will look for answers. This will help with things like if they want to improve their physical, technical and tactical skills to play better tennis. Suddenly, they realize it’s inside of them; all we have to do is help them bring it out.

Frits and Sven have combined their experience and created this course to show you the power of the wall and how to teach/become a master of your inner coach. TWU allows student to connect with themselves from the inside-out. Think of it like the black box of an airplane. You won’t be able to take any information out of it unless you put something into it first.

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