Questions during a job interview

What to ask during the interview?
This article is about asking questions during a job interview. It gives you excellent examples for do’s and don’ts. It is good to ask questions about the opinion of the interviewer, about what their expectations of you are etc.

Interviewers close a job interview mostly with the line; so, do you have any questions? It sounds like an innocent question, but it can make a difference between hire or decline. This all depends on the how you will answer the question. If you don’t have a question it may seems like you have no interest in the position/company. But if you do ask a question, make sure won’t ask the following questions.

Don’t ask

  • what the company does and other basic questions about the company. If you did your homework you should know.
  • what salary, how many vacation days or benefits you get in the first (orientation) interview. This is part of a second conversation if they consider to hire you. But if the interviewer is asking about it, you should have an answer.
  • about sensitive or negative news you heard or read about the company. You will get the interviewer on your side if you talk positive.
  • standard questions, you found on the internet. If you want to ask a standard question, always ask it in the direction of the company’s business.
  • personal questions about the interviewer, such as age. Because that can feel inappropriate, it’s about you and the company – not about the interviewer.
  • if you going to get the job. It’s not to you to ask it, be patient and wait for it.

To show that you are interested in the position and company. You should ask question about deeper topics. You can use the following general questions to make a good impression;

Do ask

  • open-ended questions like, can you tell me more about… , what is your opinion of… . This is a way to get the interviewer talk more and you get more information about the position, company and the expectations
  • things that you have learned and how this works in the company. Example: during my research, I read that… I was wondering how this works out in the company?
  • things you already discussed, but want more details. ‘To come back on this topic, I was curious how this works in this department… ?
  • about the company’s culture and work environment if it’s not explained on their website.
  • what qualities they look for in a successful employee. Show that you are willing to gain this qualities if you don’t have them

A perfect end to close the interview is to mention you are still interested in the job. Example: “I just want to let you know that I am very interested in this opportunity, and hope we can move forward. What are the next steps in the interview process?” This question will give you an expectation about when they are going to follow-up. If they didn’t follow-up, you should take the first step. You have to go after it!

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