Points to avoid during a job interview

It’s common that you are nervous about a job interview and because of your nervousness, you can do things you normally wouldn’t do. The following 10 points you should always avoid because it wouldn’t give a good impression.

‘You never have a second chance to make a first impression’

  1. Dress neglected

    Dress like a tennis professional, not like a tennis player who just had a 3-hour match. The first thing people look at is your appearance. It a good thing to do resources about the way they dress at the company where you have a job interview.

  2. Deficiency of interest and enthusiasm

    You should show you want this job by being proactive and asking questions.

  3. Focus on money

    The first focus is to get the job. So never mention salary at the first conversation, unless the employer begins about it. It’s appropriate to negotiate your salary at the end of the application process.

  4. Being critical with previous employers

    It will give a bad impression. It can show you are not respectful to people and not satisfied quickly.

  5. Not enough eye contact with your interviewer and a weak handshake

    As a tennis pro, you have to work with people, so you should have social skills. It will give a good impression if you look self-confident.

  6. Running late for the interview

    It will give the impression you are unmotivated, not interested and not prepared. Be sure you will leave on time to get at least 10 minutes early on your destination. If you are really early, you can always walk around the neighbourhood.

  7. Not asking questions and not giving answers

    Try to always ask relevant and useful questions about your function and try to give a complete answer. You should give an answer to the question and shouldn’t dodge it.

  8. Being rude, having no energy, not being mature

    As a tennis professional you should show you are accountable and polite. You have to work with children and adults, so you need to have energy.

  9. Not being clear

    It gives an impression of having no goals, hesitation and it looks like your communication isn’t strong. Those impressions the employer want to see. Being a tennis professional means you should be clear to your colleagues, students etc.

  10. Not being open for coaching and criticism

    As a tennis coach you criticism your students, so you need to stand it yourself too.


Be yourself

Don’t get me wrong and think you should pretend you are somebody else. The most important thing is to be yourself, but you should get the best out of you. Show your own way you want the tennis job and keep in mind those 10 points.