• Tennis director
  • singapore
  • 20 september 2019

Looking for a new tennis director to step in and run and coordinate the Tennis platform www.Befit121.com Job will include private classes and group classes with members as well as managing groups and venue sourcing in Singapore. The company has 10 full-time tennis coaches +10 fitness coaches. At Befit121 we are looking for a driven tennis coach to run programs and possible even aquire shares in the company. You have to complete 90-120 hours of coaching per month (charged at $100 per hour class ) on a 2-3 years contract and base salary will be paid at $7500 Singapore dollar plus commissions and bonus awards. You will also be offered 10% share purchase after 1 year if all goes well. Income tax is very low in Singapore ( 4-8% ) and room rental around $1200-$1800 for a condo with tennis court / pool / gym / shops. Coaches in our team earn $7500-$10000 per month after commissions. There might be higher-paying and more interesting club jobs out there but Singapore is safe and super convenient. Everybody speaks English and any form of violence or crime is not tolerated. This makes for a very nice living and working environment. Its always summer but does rain a bit. Very easy to travel and explore South East Asia from Singapore. Our coaches normally stay between 4 years to 6 years or seek to become a permanent resident. We are only looking for former ITF pro’s or college players. If not very experienced coaches with university certifications.

Tagged as: high level of tennis and english

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