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WTA PHYSICALLY SPEAKING THE MIRACLE OF MOVEMENT – EXERCISE AS PART OF REHAB Exercise as part of rehab. Injuries are never part of the plan. No one enjoys the pain and inability to compete [...]


WTA PHYSICALLY SPEAKING The core is the building block of stability and serves as the foundation for any movement. Core stability is defined as the ability to control the position and motion of [...]

The Female Athlete Triad

WTA PHYSICALLY SPEAKING ONE, TWO, THREE = TRIAD TROUBLE The Female Athlete Triad is a group of three interrelated medical conditions often observed in physically active girls and women. The [...]


WTA Physically Speaking It’s a situation no athlete ever wants to experience: injured and unable to play. No one wants to be injured, but when your career must be put on hold due to injury, [...]

Tips to promote yourself

Coach Pitches are easy online tools for employers to compare candidates and scan resumes. Your Coach Pitch is the first information about you that employers see when they search resumes on [...]

Tips for applications

Tips for applying for a tennis job through internet and email Nowadays, a lot of applications for tennis jobs are going through internet and e-mail, as we do at OrangeCoach. It’s easy and [...]

The importance of a trial

The prospect of a new tennis job is always a very exciting time. The uncertainty of what to expect, a complete change of your life, living in a different country, getting away from friends and [...]

Resume Mistakes

Writing a resume is more difficult than you think. It doesn’t give a good impression to make mistakes in your resume, but it’s easily done. If it is your first resume or your 10th [...]

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