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The Female Athlete Triad

ONE, TWO, THREE = TRI-AD TROUBLE The Female Athlete Triad is a group of three interrelated medical conditions often observed in physically active girls and women. The medical conditions include: [...]


WTA Physically Speaking It’s a situation no athlete ever wants to experience: injured and unable to play. No one wants to be injured, but when your career must be put on hold due to injury, [...]

Tips to promote yourself

Coach Pitches are easy online tools for employers to compare candidates and scan resumes. Your Coach Pitch is the first information about you that employers see when they search resumes on [...]

The importance of trial periods

The prospect of a new tennis job is always a very exciting time. The uncertainty of what to expect, a complete change of your life, living in a different country, getting away from friends and [...]

Tennis parents

“The Coach needs to understand the emotions and stress of the Tennis Parents. Camila has based her entire research on Tennis Parents for her PHD and gives an inside what we as coaches need [...]

Tennis parents part II

This month we offer the second part of the presentation of Camila: “supporting the parents”. Go the extra mile for the parents, it is not just making time for the hour they pay for [...]

Talent indentification during puberty

Talent identification during puberty by Piotr Unierzyski. Piotr has been working at the University of Physical Education in Poznan for 30 years whilst at the same time has coached and worked with [...]

Coaching on the tour by Miles Maclagan

“The editor´s pick for this week features a presentation on ´Coaching on the tour´ by Miles Maclagan. Miles was the former coach of Andy Murray, Marcos Baghdatis and Philipp Kohlschreiber. [...]

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