LTA coaching jobs

Are you an LTA accredited Coach? Are you looking for your next professional challenge? If so, you can locate many UK tennis and padel coaching vacancies on the LTA website. If you are looking to expand your experience abroad, you can find these opportunities on the OrangeCoach website.

LTA and OrangeCoach partnership

LTA and OrangeCoach having a long-standing partnership for over 6 years. LTA offers all LTA Accreditation Coaches 150 free credits to apply for international LTA coaching jobs.

How does that work?

Step 1. Sign up for an account here: or if you have an account already, login.
Step 2. Go to the credit shop. Here you find an explanation about credits, costs, and how you can purchase your 150 credits.
Step 3. Buy your preferred package
Step 4. Enter your LTA Coach code as a coupon code at the beginning of the page.
Step 5. Complete your order and the credits will be added to your account.

Hire an LTA coach for your club or academy

Are you considering hiring a tennis coach for your academy? A coach with an LTA Coach Accreditation assures you the coach has:
- Qualification of level 1 (assistant) to level 5 (Master Club Coach)
- Criminal record check less than 12 months old
- First aid certificate
- Safeguard training
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