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Tennis Coach

Job Summary

We are looking for a coach for our family friendly club whose responsibilities include both youth and adult tennis training. The coach will be supported  by our dedicated board members regarding the organization of the training, tennis camps or other similar events or activities. In addition, there is the possibility to support the coach with assistant coaches who have a C-trainer license. The coach is responsible for the entire training in the children, – youth and adult area. Basic German language skills are preferred but a not a must.

Venue and Company description

We are formed by 324 members (including about 90 kids of all ages). Our old clubhouse was demolished in the winter of 2022/23 and will be newly built for the summer season 2023. Our club has six outdoor courts. However, due to remodeling work by the adjacent COR company, we will only have five clay courts this summer. Outdoor lights for one or two courts is also being planned currently. In winter, we can use shared indoor courts in Rheda-Wiedenbrück.

Our club is located in Rheda-Wiedenbrück in the district of Gütersloh. Located in the surrounding area are cities like Gütersloh (approx. 10 km), Bielefeld (approx. 30km) and Dortmund (approx. 70km).

Our club board is composed of the leading board, two youth wardens, two sports wardens, a press warden, a secretary and three assessors, all of whom strive to grow and care for all endeavours regarding our club life.

The performance level of the teams in the youth area is largely at Kreisebenbe (County Level). In recent years we had U12, U15 and U18 teams.
The performance level of our womens teams vary from Kreisliga (County Level) to Ostwestfalenliga (Regional Level). The mens teams are set up from Kreisebene (County Level), through Bezirksebene (District Level) up to Verbandsliga (Federation Level) with our mens 50 team.

Further impressions and information can be found on our website:

Job duties and responsibilities

One of our courts is always available to the coach for training. Support will be given for purchases of balls, training equipment, etc. Kids and youth training will take place in the afternoons due to school times. How many and which training days there will be needs to be determined in coordination with all parties involved. In the evening hours, the adult members should also be given the opportunity to take training sessions. The training schedules for the summer and winter season will be worked on together with the youth and sports wardens. The task of the coach is to teach the players the technique and tactics of tennis, to have fun and to contribute to the club life in a positive way. If the coach wants to do another job in the morning, this would also be a possibility that can be discussed.

In summer we can offer about 30 -35 hours per week. Since we unfortunately do not have our own indoor courts it is a bit more difficult in the winter, where we can offer about 25 hours.

Candidate qualifications and skills

Since our assistant coaches (almost) all have a C-coaching licenses, our tennis coach should have at least a B-coaching license. We attach great importance to communication among ourselves in order to promote a pleasant club atmosphere.  We would like for the coach to show arrangement with team players as well as with hobby players and with high and low performing players. The coach should be willing to support us in recruiting new members, especially in the youth area.


We can help with the search for an apartment and to get setup with self-employment.

Job Summary

    Job Summary

  • 33378 Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany Location
  • 23 Jan 2023 Published
  • Tennis Coach Listing type
  • 20230123E5BD Listing number
  • €Self-Employment - about 36,00€ per Hour Salary type
  • 20-30 uur Indication of working hours
  • 22 Feb 2023 Closing date
  • 01 May 2023 Starting date
  • This position has been filled
Industrieweg 19 
2254 AE Voorschoten 
The Netherlands
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