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Padel trainer

Job Summary

Very simple duty just come to the court and train the subscribers to be a champions

Venue and Company description

It’s located in a good area just 3 minutes away from the biggest and famous mall in kuwait 

and our court is indoor which will be used all the year even if it raining or dusty ,,,

Job duties and responsibilities

To train the subscribers the skills for the padel and my targets is to train players to be a local champion to get champion teams 

Candidate qualifications and skills

Certified training certificate 

and i want the trainer to have the champion mentality so he can teach the players how to become a champion and he knows how to be kind with the subscribers so they subscribe again 


We will discuss later but lets say that i need 120 player to be trained by the coach within the 8 hours duty and the rest of the subscribers will be 50% of the amount for the coach as a bonus

Job Summary

    Job Summary

  • Kuwait Location
  • 07 Jan 2022 Published
  • Padel Coach Listing type
  • 20220107A09C Listing number
  • €1500 € and we can discuss later and it will depend on the work experience and plus i will pay for the apartment and the transportation per Month Salary type
  • 0-10 uur Indication of working hours
  • 06 Feb 2022 Closing date
  • 10 Feb 2022 Starting date
Industrieweg 19 
2254 AE Voorschoten 
The Netherlands
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