2 talented brothers seeking private trainer in Saudi Arabia

Looking for a male Spanish tennis coach who can get the maximum potential out of 2 future top players in Saudi Arabia.

Job description:

11 year and 14 year old brothers are looking for a male private trainer. Kids have been joined the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy for the last 3 summers. They played at several top tournaments in Europa and Asia and are considered as future top players in Saudi Arabia. Looking for a private trainer 6 days a week, both working on tennis and physical skills. Housing, car and tickets are provided in the package.


  • Must be a male Spanish tennis coach
  • Must be between 25-39 years old
  • Passport of Nationality that is flexible for no visa required

What does the package include:

  • Housing included; New 2 bedroom furnitured apartment with a living room and kitchen in best area of the city including gym facilities.
  • While traveling, housing will be provided as well
  • Car provided to be flexible with the kids to move
  • Possibility to join dinner at own house with private cook
  • Ticket included
  • 2/3 tickets towards home per year
  • Salary range between 2500-3300 euro a month (Saudi Arabia doesn’t have tax income)
  • 6 days a week working; Trainer has one week off every 12 weeks  and 2 weeks off after summer

The kids:

The brothers are 11 and 14 years old. They are in the 6th and 9th grade in school in Saudi Arabia. They both speak Arabic, Spanish and English. Kids spend their school time in Saudi and travel in between for tennis tournaments or long weekend holidays to the region countries like Dubai and Lebanon. In the summer they will be spending around 2 months in Europe. Next year planning to go to USA.

What do we expect from the trainer:

Looking for a 25-39 years old male private trainer. Must have strong Tennis technical and tournament experience, as well as a good fitness level so he can join kids in training. When the kids are in school, the training will start after they’ve finished their homework between 4-8 in the afternoon. In the weekend, there will be fitness training in the morning and tennis in the afternoon. Preferable that the trainer can make a close bond with the kids. Last trainer considered as a part of the family to the boys whilst being really strict to them.

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