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Why do I not see a last name of the coach?

This is simply to safeguard the coach and encourage contact through the secure OrangeCoach platform.

What happens if I decide to hire someone?

As an employer, you can respond to an applicant who applied to a job opening. You can share your contact details to discuss next steps.

How can I post a job?

As an employer you can you can register and place the job opening for free. You will only incur costs once you respond to applicants directly.

How much does it cost to register yourself as a coach?

To register and edit your CV is completely free. You will only incur costs once you make an application.

I am a coach and employer, how do I solve this?

Coaches and employers are two separate groups on our website, therefore a different e-mail address is needed. You have to make two different accounts with two different e-mail addresses.

What if I do not receive a response from the employer?

Although every effort is made to encourage employers to respond to all applicants, this is the responsibility of the employer.

I can not find my activation e-mail?

Please check your Spam box to see if the activation e-mail is in there.

Do I also have to pay if I want to reject an applicant?

To read the message and CV from the coach who has applied you need to pay 5 credits as an employer. To reject an applicant does not cost you extra credits.

What means the cost structure

One credit is one Euro. For the overview of all costs please see here.

What happened with the Year Subscription?

OrangeCoach no longer offers a gold (year) membership. On the new OrangeCoach website, we have introduced a credit system for both coaches and employers which allows both parties to pay for what they use only.

How long are the credits I bought valid for?

Once you have purchased the credits, they will always remain valid.