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Tennis Video Profile

• NATIONAL COACH 3 / Italian Tennis Federation
• PROFESSIONAL 5A / MAP Professional Tennis Registry
• TENNIS HEAD J+S / Swiss Tennis
• TENNIS DIRECTOR 2nd degree / Italian Tennis Federation
National Awards - Among the top 20 masters of 1500 in Italy as a MAP 5A score / PTR
International Awards - Among the top 200 masters of 15000 in the World as a MAP 5A
score / PTR

Coaching / Work Experience

06/2015 - 06/2017 Director and Head Coach, T.C. Camisano. Italy Direct tennis programs, develop lesson programs, manage pro shops and tennis facility operations, direct activities, handle administrative duties, such as hiring, developing budgets, directing communications, serving as integral part of professional management team

Preferences & Specialties

I am interested in

coaching and other business opportunities


Junior players, Female players, Male players


Travelling coach, Private coach, Teaching Professional, Head Coach (professional), Technical Coach, Motivational & Mental Coach, Developmental Coach, High Performance Coach, Other coaching specialties, Analyzer, Clinics, Other business opportunities, Management Tournament Organisation

Net salary

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Willing to travel for tournaments

Yes (> 30 weeks)

Target job locations

Europe, Australia / New Zealand, North America, South America, Asia

Willing to relocate