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Exclusive Coach Recruitment

Exclusive Coach Recruitment is our tennis coach head hunt service. We provide a high-quality service in search, selection and placement of experienced tennis professionals.


  • Reach high level tennis coaches through discreet recruitment;
  • Use experienced sport managers to assist you in your hiring process;
  • Save valuable time by only interviewing pre-screened candidates;
  • Get 100% value for money by paying on a no cure low pay base.
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How does it work

We begin by creating a detailed profile based on an understanding of your needs. This information is discretely shared with our extensive international network and we identify the candidates who fit your profile. Our screening process involves qualification review and preliminary interviewing. We then facilitate communication between you and the candidate and coordinate interviews. Once you have interviewed our shortlist and identify potential hires, we check references, advise you on an appropriate offer and if requested we provide relocation assistance. For a successful match we charge a recruitment fee based upon the annual salary agreed upon between you and the coach.

Step 1
personal intake
Step 2
receive a short list of matching candidates
Step 3
interview your selected candidates and identify potential hires
Step 4
offering and contract negotiation
Step 5
payment process
Step 6
trial period (30 days) and evaluation
Step 7
complete the recruitment process