Building A Curriculum

Mike has developed some of the world’s most recognized kids’ tennis curricula. This session will take you through the key considerations and principles for developing your curriculum including basic philosophy, player pathways, developing competencies, principles of child learning and effective lesson planning.


Creating a curriculum is always going to change, modified, involve. It’s a living-breathing document. But I hope to give you a great start with my previous experience

Working effectively with parents in your program means not only balancing expectations but also helping parents to focus on the valuable contributions that they make. The session presents essential strategies and messages for use in your program at the key touchpoints on a player’s journey, helping you to structure and manage the communication process.

Carl Maes and Dennis Mertens, both have vast experience in their area. They will discuss how they will gear up for the future after Covid-19, with cooperation between all US Colleges who are interested and Carl & Dennis.

Building a great program means creating a place for everyone to play and this means recognizing more than just the most skilled player in each activity. We will guide you through the process of recognizing and rewarding behaviors as a foundation for your program. This session is not to be missed, discussing unique and innovative motivational systems that will revolutionize your club environment.

What skills become more essential as we embrace technology and create a more robust program in clubs and academies. Will things change drastically? Or do we just need to be equipped to add more? What tools and platforms are emerging to help us serve our players better?

??? ?????? ?? ??? ????. With every aspect of Tennis and Sport wearing and mask and gloves how can tennis pivot to present competition to all levels of players? From the provision of club-based competition to the tour let’s exchange thoughts and solutions.

Is the tour life for you? And Sven will give you some dos and don’t of tour coaching.

Sven will share his experiences over the past 30 years as a tour coach, private coach and independent contractor.

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