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Exciting opportunity to be a part of a team

Currently, the 15 year old female right handed player is around 1200 on Junior ITF rankings and has British nationality. The player is currently training at an academy in Barcelona, Spain. 

However, we feel that a dedicated responsible private coach is needed to plan, oversee and execute ALL the aspects of the game namely technical, tactical, nutritional, physical and mental aspects of the game. The coach will also travel with the player to local tournaments in and around Barcelona that are held on weekdays and on weekends and also to Junior ITF/Tennis Europe tournaments held worldwide. While travelling with the player, the coach will be responsible for all aspects of travel, stay and all tennis and non-tennis related activities.

The coach and the player will be able to train at a base in Barcelona. There is a fully equipped gym and a swimming pool on site and the base is also close to the beach. The coach might be able to get additional part time employment at a club/academy onsite or nearby.

The coach is expected to move to Barcelona in February/March 2019 and work full time with the player after the initial trial period in January/February 2019. The coach will be given individual self-catering accommodation which might be shared or unshared. The coach will have a fixed monthly salary and there will be some per day reasonable remuneration while travelling with the player. All travel expenses will be taken care of while accompanying the player for tournaments.

 The coach must be ex WTA/ITF pro player of good ranking, preferably female & right handed, ambitious, highly motivated, highly energetic and very enthusiastic, having lots of foresight and planning, tons of ideas, great degree of flexibility and patience and will have FULL responsibility of the player’s training needs & progress.

There will be an initial trial contract of around 2 to 3 weeks followed by a short contract covering 3 to 6 months that can be extended and renewed, dependent on the feedback, the chemistry between the player and the coach and progress at tournaments.

We are hoping that the coach looks at this as a medium to long-term project as the remuneration will be dependent on what the coach brings to the table before and during the time spent with the player.

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fulltime and partime

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< US $ 50.000 (Per year)