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Teddy Tennis Franchise Owner

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Teddy Tennis is a fantastic product that encourages childeren aged 2 1/2 - 6 years to get active and participate in sport. The product is enhanced, using imagery, muisc and 'Teddy' stories building an exciting and interactive learning experience that childeren absoluteluy love. 

Since we started franchising in 2010, Teddy Tennis has successfully established over 50 franchises worldwide. We as a company use a unique branding and coaching system that offer our custumers an enjoyable and eductaional experience which provides the perfect tennis product for any franchise to build on to their programme. We also offer an excellent booking system that is included in the franchise package that makes it easy and accessible for parents to book their childeren on to classes or camps. We also provide modern and exciting branding, continuously updated marketing materials and an exlusive set of charachters, music and stories that only Teddy Tennis can use.  

Our unique curriculam and training prgramme also means you do not need a coaching or tennis background to make a successful franchsie. However, we are looking for candidates with chrachteristics such as: Enthusiasm, perserverance, strong communications skills, good administrative skills, fit and active and generally willing to build a successful franchise. 

Teddy Tennis is an exciting franchisng prospect for businesses, sports clubs or individual coaches/entreprenuers who want to run a rewarding, felxible and profitable operation that involves working closely with young childeren. There will be a huge amount of support and advice available if you're intersted. Do not hesiate to get in touch for more information about this amazing product and oppurtunity. 


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