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Part-Time Men's & Women's Tennis Coach

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The Head Coach is the individual charged (in conjunction with the Director of Athletics) with the responsibility, planning, programming, directing, supervising, and implementing of duties and functions for the individual sports program.  The Head Coach must work closely with all others involved in carrying out the philosophy and objectives of the intercollegiate athletic program.  The Head Coach is directly responsible to the Director of Athletics.



  1. Possesses and maintains a high moral character that is in congruence with the expectations of the Mission of our College.
  2. Possesses a good knowledge of the sport assigned including, but not limited to, knowledge of training and conditioning techniques and the ability to diagnose player deficiencies and prescribe corrective activities.
  3. Posses a good ability to communicate with student athletes and parents.
  4. Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s degree preferred. Two to three years of experience coaching at the collegiate level.


Goal and Performance Responsibilities:

  1. Assign duties and responsibilities to assistant coach(es).
  2. Responsible for being thoroughly familiar with and complying with all College, Department, CACC and NCAA policies, and disseminate such information to assistant coaches and student athletes.  This includes annual completion of the NCAA coaching certification test.
  3. Work with the Assistant athletic director in purchasing equipment, supplies and uniforms for the particular sport.
  4. Assist the athletic director in developing the annual budget.
  5. Work with the Assistant athletic director in scheduling independent games.
  6. Show respect for officials, opposing coaches, visiting teams, parents, fans, student athletes, fellow coaches, and faculty.
  7. Attend all meetings called by conference and athletic director
  8. Recruit and contact prospective student athletes to the athletic program, working   closely with the Admissions Department and the Athletic Department.
  9. Perform any other duties and responsibilities related to the coaching position as needed or directed by the Athletic Director.
  10. Be responsible for awards presentations made during the annual awards program, and incorporating total coaching staff.
  11. Responsible for treating the academic achievement and requirements necessary for progress toward a degree as a matter of the highest priority for the student-athlete, and to be sensitive to class and final examination schedules when scheduling practice and game competition.
  12. Provide leadership that promotes positive attitudes and good sportsmanship.
  13. Work with athletes in a fair, understanding, tolerant, sympathetic, and patient manner.
  14. Notify all members of the team of all policies, procedures, and training rules as they pertain to the team.
  15. Be responsible for the conduct of student athletes and other involved students at all times – practices, games, bus rides, other schools, etc.
  16. Promote unity within the coaching staff and within the framework of the Athletic Department.
  17. Attend institutional sponsored drug and alcohol awareness programs. 
  18. Responsible for maintaining current CPR, AED, and First Aid Certification
  19. The Head Coach is responsible for driving College vans at times and must have a valid driver’s license


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