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Tennis Program & Events Manager, Singapore

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Position Title:            Tennis Program and Events Manager

 Position Overview

This is a key position responsible for overseeing the management and administration of the current tennis programs at several of Savitar’s key locations within Singapore.  Working closely with the tennis coaching team and the corporate office you will plan the overall schedule for each season for teams, junior programmes, camps, overseas trips and, where possible, adult and community outreach programs.  You will have overall responsibility for communicating program dates, prices, and information to all participants and liaise with the locations management as required.  You will also assist in the management of the highly successful Junior Team Tennis League.  This is and challenging role an exciting that requires excellent on-court coaching knowledge as well as strong off-court communication and administrative skills.  This position reports to the Director of Tennis (the “DOT”).

Major Duties

  1. Oversee all off-court management for various Savitar tennis facilities, working closely with the on-court Director of Tennis.
  2. Liaise with the Savitar management for all paid programmes including setting dates, prices, information per season and allocation of players each season depending on court space and coaches
  3. Prepares overall schedule per season for all programmes alongside the DOT
  4. Keeps information on Savitar website up to date and accurate
  5. Manages and oversees running of all camps including information, sign ups, payments, registration, daily running, coach ratios, lunches etc
  6. Prepares attendance sheets and manages attendance for all programmes throughout the year
  7. Ensures Weekend programme is accurate with regards to sign up sheets, attendance and payments
  8. Assist in the coaches’ rostering, monthly reporting, substituting coaches to ensure maximum effectiveness and profitability.    Assist in cross checking of monthly coaches’ payroll and reporting as required.
  9. Checks payments for privates/packages and groups from coaches
  10. Assists in preparation of monthly and seasonal invoices for teams and paid groups
  11. Prepares training and match schedule to send to all players every season, and updates when necessary
  12. Prepares weekly emails to teams with schedules, matches, update on coaching objectives etc
  13. Completes 15-20 hours per week of paid group or private coaching each week
  14. Oversees and manages special needs classes where required.
  15. Attends overseas trips when required.
  16. Completes a yearly review for the DOT and Managing Director 
  17. Assists with the planning and management of the Junior Team Tennis League as required
  18. Additional duties as requested by the Company


Job opportunity details

Job type






Type of position

full time

Net salary

US $ 2.500 - 5.000 (Per month)