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Assistant Tennis Professional

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Assistant Tennis Professional

General Duties

  1. Teach group and private lessons, 20-25 hours per week.

  2. Work 20-25 hours per week in the tennis shop.

  3. Encourage tennis participation by assisting in the planning of junior events, play days, and round robins.

  4. Promote the sport and fellowship in the club.

  5. Consult with Tennis Director about court and facility needs.

  6. Supervise and play in adult and junior mixers and events.

  7. Assist in the organization and running of tennis tournaments.

  8. Help fulfill duties of maintenance staff when they are absent.

  9. String and grip tennis racquets.

Specific Duties

A. Pro Shop

  1. Two assistant professionals will run the tennis pro shop with direction of the Tennis Director.

  2. Work 20-25 hours per week in Tennis Shop.

  3. Perform all buying, with direction of Tennis Director and input from club's buyer.

  4. Enter new merchandise into inventory.

  5. Run club's point of sale system.

  6. Train new shop attendant employees.

B. Tournaments & Events

  1. Meet with Tennis Director for the purpose of preparing and planning all details and duties of tournaments.

  2. Help secure tournament needs, such as t-shirts, trophies, tennis balls, computers, ect.

  3. Promote the tournament.

  4. Coordinate tournament schedule with the tennis director.

  5. Ensure all facilities are prepared for events.

  6. Participate in all mixers and events when needed.

  7. Assist in running tournament desk throughout the tournament.  Be prepared to help with rules decisions and on-court disputes.

  8. Clean up all facilities after the completion of events/mixers/tournaments.

C. Programs

  1. Formulate clinic plans and run red and orange ball classes.

  2. Work daily high school and high performance classes led by Tennis Director and Head Pro.

  3. Help organize periodic special events at the club/facility in an effort to attract and retain members' tennis interests.

  4. Provide beginner to advanced instruction to enhance broad-based member participation.

  5. Help in the planning of annual tennis calendar of events.

  6. Attend numerous club recruitment events throughout the year.

  7. Assist tennis director and other pros in forming ladies' Softcourt league teams.

D. Maintenance

  1. Log any maintenance needs on the maintenance board.

  2. When maintenance staff is absent, help fulfill all morning duties which include: rolling courts, sweeping lines, filling water jugs, taking trash to dumpster, cleaning teeny two-steps.

  3. Delegate responsibilities to maintenance staff and tennis shop staff when needed.

  4. Participate with tennis staff in any large staff maintenance projects.

  5. Help train new staff in court maintenance.






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North America



Type of position

full time

Net salary

< US $ 50.000 (Per year)