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This FAQ provides more information about how to use our services as a tennis professional looking for new jobs and answers the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed please send us your questions by email.


Warning regarding possible employment scams

We have become aware that third parties try to advertise scam employment opportunities on our website. As soon as there is email contact with the scammer, the coach is often asked to provide personal information and/or pay fees for visa applications. We strongly advise our members always to proceed carefully with all online job opportunities. Please always follow our security tips:


  • Always undertake thorough research before applying;
  • Never pay any fee's upfront to employers (visa and or other reasons);
  • Remember that if the job description sounds too good to be true, it is;
  • If you come across a (possible) scam job on our website please inform us as soon as possible. We remove it from our website and report any scam jobs and the scammers to the appropriate tennis federations and/or international scam indexes/registries;
  • If you have any questions or want to have a second opinion about jobs from our website you can contact us for free >>

Registration & managing your account

1. Why do I have to register?

As part of the application process, you will be asked to register by specifying a username and password - you can use this anytime to retrieve/edit your personal information and Sport Resume. This means you do not have to enter the same information again if you apply for multiple jobs.


2. What is the fee/price and are there any extra costs after I have registered?

The regular annual registration fee is US $ 150,-. There are no extra or additional costs after you have registered at our website.


3. Do you offer monthly subscriptions?

At this time we only offer an annual subscription.


4. I have received a promotional code, how do I use it?

 If you have received a promotional code, you can use it during step 2 of the registration process: "online payment".


5. What kind tennis professionals register at OrangeCoach?

We provide in tennis career resources and tennis jobs for tennis coaches, trainers and instructors of all levels and nationalities. Here are some examples of our most common members:


  • Private Tennis Coaches
  • Tennis directors
  • Head coaches
  • Hitting partners
  • Tour coaches (ATP/WTA/ITF)
  • Club coaches
  • Fitness coaches (specialized in and/or knowledge of tennis)
  • Motivational coaches (specialized in tennis)
  • Resort Coaches (hotel/resorts)

Managing my account & resume

1. Do I  need to setup my resume?

You will be asked to enter work experience information and your career interests during the registration process. You will not be able to apply for jobs  if you have not completed the registration process. That way we make sure our sport managers and tennis employers, who search in our database, can find and contact you.


2. How do I change my work/career interests?

You can log in to your profile and change your profile information anytime. On the right side menu you can login to your account with your email and password. Click on "My Resume" on the right side menu, after you have logged in, to view & edit your account settings.


3. How do I review my resume & personal information (e.g. my contact details)?

Login to your account and click on "Download my resume" on the right side menu. You can view your resume in pdf format and save it to your computer if needed.

Searching Tennis Jobs

1. What if I search for a position and get no results?

Click the "New Search" button to start fresh and then try selecting fewer criteria - specify only Job Type or only Geographic Location for example and then click the "Search" button.


2. What if I cannot find a job I am interested in?

New jobs are posted all the time. You can check back here and you will receive our automatic e-mail notification of tennis jobs you might be interested in.


3. How will I know if a position is filled?

Because tennis employers can post jobs by themselves it might occur that a job is still listed on the website while it is no longer available. If a job is no longer posted, it has been filled.


4. How do I know when a job was posted?

In the tennis jobs overview page the date that is mentioned at every posting is the date of entry/posting.

Apply for Tennis Jobs

1. How do I submit my resume?

Once you have found a position you are interested in, you can click the "Get in Touch" button and write your motivational message. As soon as you have finished your motivation you can send your message to the employer. The tennis employer will receive a OrangeCoach email with your motivational message, your contact details and a direct link to your OrangeCoach Resume. Please update and check your resume before sending your message.


2. Can I get an international tennis job in a foreign country if I am not a Citizen of that country?

Yes. Most of the times any person authorized to work in the specific country can apply for open positions. Please go over the candidate requirements in the job description to make sure you match the profile. If you are not sure please contact the potential employer before applying.


3. How long will the application process take?

It can take about 1 minute to apply online once you find a job you are interested in and you have your motivational message ready to paste.


4. How many personal references will I need?

For most positions it is required that candidates have a minimum of two to three personal references.


5. Can I change my application?

Once you have send your motivational message to the potential employer your application cannot be changed. If needed you can apply again with a referral to your previous message.


6. How do I know my message has been sent?

As soon as you clicked on the "Get in touch" button your message is automatically sent to the employer. You will get the confirmation by beingl redirected to a "Your message has been sent" page.


7. When will I hear back?

Because of the volume of applications received, please understand that we cannot respond to each applicant individually. You will be contacted by a human resources specialist if more information is required.


8. What if I don't get any message back from the employer?

  • Did you apply on time?
  • Did you match with the candidate requirements?
  • Check your email spambox!
  • Contact the employer by phone and/or email directly and ask for a response (view contact details in the job description)
  • No contact details of the employer available in the job description? Visit their website to retrieve the correct contact details.

OrangeCoach newsletter / Email notification

1. OrangeCoach automatic email notification

The OrangeCoach email newsletter alerts you via e-mail when jobs that match your interest are added to our jobs list. Even if you have already applied for one position, our newsletter helps to ensure that you are aware of other tennis opportunities as soon as they arise.


2. Once I have completed my profile, when will I be notified of available opportunities?

You will be notified, via e-mail, at least once a month of any new opportunities posted on the career site.


3. I no longer wish to receive automatic job notifications-how do I turn them off?

Log in to your profile and click the checkbox on the automatic email notification.