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December 1, 2017

OrangeCoach - 10th birthday!

How it all started

How time flies when you are having fun! OrangeCoach has had a very special place in my heart and my career. As a young coach I always believed that there should be a place where coaches around the world could search a global data base of jobs in tennis. Since my coaching career started by a small advertisement in a tennis magazine in 1991 I always wanted to find away to create the opportunities for other coaches. When Robert contacted me 10 years ago with the idea of creating a global network and recruitment agency online, I did not hesitate and our commitment to our mutual goal has not changed ever since. Robert and I combined our vision and our passion to establish a global brand that has been recognized by the leading organizations in the tennis world such as the ITF, ATP, LTA, Tennis Europe, PTR and many more, who we have had long term partnerships with.


OrangeCoach today has more than 20.000 coaches world wide and is evolving into a multi sport platform. Adding Field Hockey and in the near future Paddle Tennis Soccer and Golf, in order to reach our goal of 100.000 coaches in a multiple disciplinary sports world. Robert and I are proud to have maintained our commitment of growing the brand and expanding the CO Ownership into a strong group of partners and investors. Erwin van de Heuvel and Bram Lomans together with (our belgium partner ) have brought expertise and experience to OrangeCoach which has lead to our ability to reach a far greater target area. I am looking forward to our next 10 years of growing the OrangeCoach brand by offering continuous support and service for the leading coaches in the world of sport. My team and I hope you will be joing us in the next 10 years!

Free gift

With our 10 year anniversary we will provide the opportunity to join our exclusive group by reducing the annual retainer by 50%. We look forward to welcome those who join us in our efforts to build the OrangeCoach brand and provide them with the best service available. Be aware! Claim your gift before 31st December 2017.


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