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May 18, 2017

PTCA Seminar

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to participate in the 1st PTCA - Seminar operated and organized by Gerry Weber Breakpoint Base in Halle. The seminar is thought as a continuing education in sports coaching analysis. We are happy to introduce many high-level coaches and fitness experts as the main speakers and tutors at the seminar.


As always the objective of the PTCA seminars is to provide a forum where different experts can meet, discuss and present the most recent advances and common knowledge in International Top Level Coaching. So this time we have chosen to dig into the analytical aspect of mobility/ flexibility & endurance training with different player types - comparison of training in tennis and soccer. Additionally we will analyze how it is possible to optimize a player preparation with help of video techniques.


During the years we have had great PTCA-seminar speakers such as Mats Wilander, Patrik Kühnen, Juan Carlos Ferrero, Antonio Cascales Martinez, Bob Brett, Dr. Ann Quinn, Dr. Mark Kovacs, Emilio Sanchez, Luis Mediero, Adrian Rattenbury, Prof. Dr. Christian Haid, Oliver Heuft, Mats Merkel, Ronnie Leitgeb, Prof. Dr. Görtzen and many more. The result was an amazing array of state-of-the-art lectures covering a wide range of topics. We are sure that this seminar will be an exciting highlight showing many details and possibilities associated with top level coaching.
We are proud to announce Gerry Weber Breakpoint Base as the host of the seminar. The long and spectacular history of Breakpoint Base guarantees the perfect setting for this high-class event.

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