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January 19, 2017

OrangeCoach teams up with a new Tennis Lifestyle website

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Tennis Life. Tennis Life is a brand-new tennis lifestyle website that will bring something new and exciting to the World of Tennis and its fanatical global fan base!
Tennis Life is a multi/full service website containing social media components, all of the daily tennis news, coaching on line, and tennis Q and A. In addition, Tennis Life is creating a Marquee Legends of tennis coaching list to appear at their Extreme Camps in Indian Wells, Miami, the Grand Slams, or select ATP/WTA events throughout the world. Tennis Life will schedule one legendary coach assisted with college and tour coaches for the Extreme Tennis Camps hosted in conjunction with major annual tournaments.

We recruiting coaches for Tennis Life

Because of our partnership with Tennis Life, we are recruiting the tennis coaches for the Extreme Tennis Camps. Do you want to work at the Extreme Tennis Camps next to a legendary coach? Keep an eye on the OrangeCoach website!